Compliance Training

Training is an essential part of every organization’s efforts to build an effective compliance culture. Regulators explicitly require training, and seek evidence of training as part of their regular reviews. As well, often organizations require specialist training as they move into new businesses or change the way they are operating in existing ones. To understand which training offering is right for an organization’s needs, speak with a Cordium consultant.

In-person training

Cordium offers two types of in-person compliance training:

  • In-house training – This training is conducted by Cordium’s expert consultants, and it is tailored specifically to the regulatory requirements and challenges that an organization is facing. It can be contracted for as part of a consulting engagement, or separately.
  • Group training – Training courses are scheduled throughout the year in different locations around the world. Course topics cover important regulatory issues facing firms, and are delivered by compliance experts. Review the courses offered and register here.

Video training

Enhance the compliance culture within an organization by delivering tailored training right to the desk of every employee. Enable individuals to take the training in their own time, and be able to evidence the completion of the training to auditors, regulators, and the board.

Cordium’s dynamic online compliance training videos can be created, customized and designed specifically for the needs of an organization. By bringing together top compliance experts with excellent graphic design, Cordium is able to translate the text of a policy or regulatory legislation, into a short video clip with sound and visual effects. This helps to ensure employees pay attention and digest the learning.

Advantages of this Cordium service include:

  • Engaging Content: Compliance training videos are visually compelling with simple design, clear audio narration and concise content to ensure employees absorb and retain the material.
  • Tailored Courses: Cordium’s suite of compliance courses can be purchased in a bundle or on an individual basis.
  • Customization: Compliance training courses are customized to accommodate individual company needs – including corporate logos, different languages, and tailored scenarios employees can relate to.
  • Track Progress: Cordium’s training technology can also include tests to track and report on learning progress.

An example of topics included in Cordium’s Library of courses includes:

  • Code of Conduct / Code of Ethics
  • Insider trading
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Gifts and Entertainment Policy (FCPA)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Confidential data privacy
  • Advertising & Marketing rules
  • IT systems & Social media
  • Record keeping
  • Political & Charitable Contributions
  • Audit & Employee Responsibility